EQSTA Vigor offers the complete solution for male performance. EQSTA Vigor will provide you Extra Time and Extra Pleasure. EQSTA Vigor is a product of Medopharm, a leading pharmaceutical company in India with Pan India and international presence in around 100+ countries.

With over 50 years of leadership in the pharma industry, Medopharm leads the way in solving men’s health conditions. At Medpharm, we are constantly striving to provide better health solutions for personal healthcare. We ensure that the most refined pharma products are available for the consumer.

Brand Reach of EQSTA Vigor – The Best Dietary Supplement for Male Performance

EQSTA Vigor is a male performance and wellness supplement that enjoys an established brand reach that grows ever so quickly. We believe that male health conditions pertaining to sexual dysfunction should not be considered casual, but it should be properly addressed and treated at the earliest.

For our end user, we want to convey the message that we are 100% safe with every ingredient sourced from organic and natural extracts.

Taking dietary supplement tablets for male performance is not only the most logical and responsible thing to do for erectile dysfunction, but is also the best option for boosting libido and enhancing the desire.

Keeping this in mind, we created EQSTA Vigor with 11 powerful ingredients in a proprietary blend that comprises organic extracts from these natural herbs.

We believe in not just providing a product as a solution, but to maximize the enhancing performance of the product wherever we can.


Best Dietary Supplement for Male Performance

Certified Organic LACON Quality

EQSTA Vigor is certified by LACON Quality Certifications (India), which is accredited by National Accreditation Body (NAB), Government of India. As a subsidiary of LACON GmbH, Germany, they certify the organic manufacturing process and ensure that the products adhere to the international quality and standards.

Good Manufacturing Practices

EQSTA Vigor is GMP certified, instigating the fact that the product is manufactured, produced, and controlled according to strict quality standards. We ensure that EQSTA Vigor male performance supplement works best for you and helps in the achievement of desired male performance by manufacturing with best GMP.

HACCP Certified

EQSTA Vigor is HACCP certified, which shows our genuine commitment to food safety standards. HACCP certification is defined by an international standard for effective control of food safety and a high standard of principles followed in the product’s manufacturing.

Natural GMO Free Product

EQSTA Vigor is a certified Natural GMO free product. Government of India’s Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), under its Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 mandated that products should not contain genetically modified organisms.

100% Natural Product

Dietary supplement should augment and benefit the natural health of your body. This is the reason we have sourced all the ingredients of EQSTA Vigor from natural sources. Not just the sourcing, but the manufacturing process is also attuned to the traditional Ayurvedic method of preparation.


EQSTA Vigor is a Vegan product unlike other male health supplement products that contain ingredients from other than vegan source. We ensure that the end users are provided with the best male performance supplement.

No Side Effect

EQSTA Vigor has no side effects since it is 100% organic. Unlike the chemical composition used in most of the male performance supplement in the market, EQSTA Vigior is completely made from 11 naturally sourced herbal extracts.

Paraben Free

EQSTA Vigor is 100% Paraben Free, which makes it ideal as the best health supplement for men. It is naturally sourced from herbal ingredients and manufactured as a blend of non-synthetic compounds.

Information leaflet:

We try to provide the best product knowledge to the consumer with more transparency wherever we can. Information leaflet provided inside the pack of EQSTA Vigor will provide you with information about how and when to take EQSTA Vigor tablet. The product leaflet also provides clear details about the various ingredients used in the herbal blend and their respective dosage. At all times, we prefer to assure you that we provide proper advice about the product for optimal usage and you feel safe taking EQSTA Vigor tablet.

Download the information leaflet here