Why EQSTAVIGOR - Male Performance Supplements

Formulation Details of EQSTA Vigor:

Developed by an experienced research advisor and the foremost expert in the industry, the proprietary formula is highly effective in offering a solution for male performance.

EQSTA Vigor is one of the 100% organic male enhancement pills that support overall health and wellness in men.

EQSTA Vigor is formulated by Dr. A. Rajendran, who is the research advisor at Phyto Medicine, National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA), formerly known as Institute of Research Scientific Technology (IRST), Rwanda.

He is the recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Gold Medal Award in 2015, Innovative Researcher Award in 2015, and Bharat Jyoti Award in 2012.

EQSTA Vigor is created to help people find balance in their personal life

Stressful Lifestyle has led to new challenges in the modern world. Depression induced by restless work nature, day-to-day distractions, stress, and fatigue has made men lose their work-life balance. Scientifically, these stress inducing agents cause the increased production of hormone cortisol which reduces the testosterone level.

We created EQSTA Vigor to enrich you with a dietary supplement that is highly effective in benefitting you with overall wellbeing and an increased male performance.

EQSTA Vigor is formulated with Men in Mind.

The Ayurvedic blend of 11 herbal ingredients offered by EQSTA Vigor is based on traditional Indian method of preparation. Combined with the updated technology in manufacturing and the results of the path-breaking innovations, EQSTA Vigor is shaped as the best dietary supplement for male performance.

Our manufacturing facilities are Good Manufacturing Practices certified and Certified Organic LACON Quality. EQSTA Vigor is free from paraben and is 100% vegan with no side effects. We are committed to the wellbeing of men’s health.


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