Male Performance

Men are interested in male performance to enhance the satisfaction level. In ancient times, herbal traditional medicines have been extensively used to boost the male performance significantly.

Male performance is a term that includes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, muscle weakness, and low stamina. In less common term, it can be taken to mean the performance in bed.

Male Performance Issues – The myth and Reality

Men believe that male performance showcases his prowess in bed. Men would always love to experience the proud feeling of satisfying his partner with a magical performance in bed. However, this is not the case most of the time. Underperforming in bed does not just pertain to anyone particular issue. There might be various underlying issues that you should heed your attention.

Smoking–The Habitual Influence that affect Male Performance

Smoking leads to the increase in blood pressure and other heart-related problems which indirectly increases the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. In other words, smoking has a negative impact on male performance.

The male health problem due to smoking does not stop at arousal and erection problems alone, but can lead to reduced fertility in men.

Alcohol – The Aggravator of Male Performance Issues

Incidentally, alcohol has a detrimental effect on male performance. Apart from sexual dysfunction, chronic drinking habit can lead to marked depression and interpersonal behavioural issues in men.

Heavy drinking aggravates the risk of erectile dysfunction and loss of libido in men with high alcohol dependence.

Unhealthy Diet or Junk Food–Negative Impact on Male Performance

Adequate levels of hormones like testosterone are required for healthy male performance. Processed foods and junk food has a pro-inflammatory effect that can increase the chances of impotence. Overindulgence in high-sugar foods and high caffeine intake can increase the anxiety and affect male performance.

Anxiety-related Male Performance Issues

Less interest leads to low libido and loss of desire. On the contrary, too much focus on the performance can lead to anxiety and in turn this feeling of over excitement perpetuates into anxiety-related performance issues.


Herbal Treatment for Male Performance


The male performance supplement, Tribulus or Gokshura helps to improve the loss of libido and stimulates the desire. This natural herb is considered as the best male performance supplement for treating Erectile Dysfunction.


Treatment of anti-depressant related sexual dysfunction involves the intake of the extracts from the natural herb of Ginkgo Biloba. This male performance supplement is found to be highly fruitful.


Lepidium meyenii or Maca is a root extract that is used in the treatment for loss of libido and enhance the desire. This male performance supplement is available as tablets, powders and liquid extracts.

EQSTA Vigor Tablets–The natural dietary supplement to boost male performance

Proprietary blend of 11 natural herbs in EQSTA Vigor tablets helps to boost energy levels and promotes the blood flow to the penis. Our male performance supplement tablets helps to stimulate the desire and enhance the stamina.

The herbal ingredients of the male performance supplement tablets help to rejuvenate and restore the vitality and wellness. EQSTA Vigor helps to improve your mood and give the confidence to perform better.

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