Mondia Whitei

A magical African herb, Mondia Whitei in EQSTA Vigor is a traditional herbal remedy to improve libido and male infertility.

How Mondia Whitei work?

Studies suggest that Mondia Whitei helps in the increase of sexual desire, human sperm motility, testosterone levels, and erections. In addition to that, Mondia Whitei extract has shown to increase libido, potency, and sexual pleasure.

Mondia Whitei Uses and Benefits:

• Management of erectile dysfunction
• Boosts stamina and virility
• Increases sperm motility
• Treatment of anorexia and stress
• Improves mental performance and brain function
• Maintains the hormonal imbalances

Organic Mondia Whitei extract in EQSTA Vigor

EQSTA Vigor contains Mondia Whitei apart from 11 other herbal ingredients used in the treatment of male performance. Touted as one of the best aphrodisiac medicine, Mondia Whitei is considered as the best fertility medication and antidepressant.

Each ingredient in EQSTA Vigor is 100% natural and certified organic, meaning that it has no side effects and is a completely safe dietary supplement that can be consumed with no worries. As a dietary supplement, EQSTA Vigor can help to boost energy, while also targeting ED.



Popular in Uganda and African countries, Mondia Whitei is best known as a traditional herbal medicine for male performance. Also known as White’s ginger, Mondia Whitei extract helps to boost stamina and increase penile size naturally.



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