Muira Puama

Vouched for penile erection, Muira Puama is one ingredient of EQSTA Vigor-The dietary supplement for male performance.

A traditional medicine in Asia, Muira puama is also known locally by the name of Gambir Sarawak, which is used in the improvement of penile erection.

Muira Puama Extract:

Muira Puama herbal action involves increasing the blood flow to the pelvic areas. In the long term, this helps in enhancing hormone production. Muira Puama roots have been indicated to show significant improvement in symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

Muira Puama – Mode of Action:

Muira Puama heightens the receptiveness of the nervous system to the sexual stimuli. This helps in the intensifying of the physical sensation in men.

It is rich in sterols, sitosterol, campesterol, and lupol, which helps in the enhancement of libido and male performance by activating the hormone receptors for testosterone.

The volatile oil, champor, present in Muira Puama helps to restore libido by accentuating the mental ability to be aroused.

Muira Puama Benefits and Uses:

  • Creates prolonged erection
  • Retards premature ejaculation
  • Heightens the male satisfaction
  • Enhances male performance
  • Increases libido
  • Restores mental ability to be aroused
  • Increases penile hardness

Muira Puama in EQSTA Vigor – The best Dietary Supplement for Male Performance

EQSTA Vigor contains Muira Puama extract as one of its herbal ingredients. Considered as a herbal energy tonic and aphrodisiac to treat various sexual dysfunctions, Muira Puama is often referred as the Viagra of the Amazons by the natives of South America.

Medopharm brings the goodness of Muira Puama and enriches EQSTA Vigor with this potency wood. EQSTA Vigor is found to work well for men with Erectile Dysfunction by increasing the hormone production and enhancing the male performance.



Amazonian folk medicine, Muira Puama, is known by the botanical name of Ptychopetalum olacoides. It is most commonly used in Asia as a nerve stimulant to enhance libido and also increase the penile hardness.



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