Saw Palmetto

The natural aphrodisiac herb, Saw Palmetto, is one of the powerful herbal ingredients of EQSTA Vigor that acts as the best testosterone booster.

Saw Palmetto Extract

While Saw palmetto extract is typically used as a supplement to improve prostate health, reduce inflammation, improve urinary function, and prevent hair loss in men, it is more predominantly used to boost testosterone levels and enhance libido.

What is Saw Palmetto used for?

Saw Palmetto extract has been predominantly used in traditional folk medicine as a dietary supplement for male performance. There are many clinical studies that focus on the efficacy of Saw Palmetto in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and low libido. Saw Palmetto has also shown evidence of significant improvement in symptoms of chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Saw Palmetto Benefits:

  • Enhances sex drive and mood
  • Preserves testosterone levels in the body
  • Supports prostate health
  • Lowers urinary tract symptoms and supports increased urine flow
  • Balance hormone levels and combat hair loss
  • Decreases levels of DHT and effectively maintains testosterone levels

Organic Saw Palmetto Extract in EQSTA Vigor

Medopharm’s EQSTA Vigor contains 100% organic Saw Palmetto extract that helps in boosting the testosterone level and enhances the male performance. Our organic Saw Palmetto supplement also helps in promoting mood, increase libido, and ease stress.

Acclaimed as one of the Saw Palmetto supplement for male performance, EQSTA Vigor helps to increase urine flow, promote relaxation and enhance desire.



Saw Palmetto has been the focus of numerous clinical studies that have pointed toward its effectiveness in supporting proper function of the prostate. This is especially relevant for men over the age of 50, to help maintain normal function of the prostate.



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